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    Kiyu, cotton candy fairy

    Me wanna eat!!! ♥_


  2. 73 ~ LoVe In The AiR - The Mustache

                                                                                Posted on Feb 26, 2014

    > Shave it! <

    "Hey baby! Shave what?"

    > You know exactly what I’m talking about <

    "As much as it would be awesome, I can’t read minds baby"

    > Your mustache! I don’t like it! <

    "Euh? Why? I thought you found me sexy with beard!"

    > Exactly! Beard! Not a freaking stone age mustache! Why did you have to leave it like that? <

    "*pout* But you always say I look great no matter what"

    > *sigh* You do Wonnie. Just not with that mustache <

    "The fans seem to like it"

    > Honey, I love you but I don’t really see how can anyone like it! You look… weird! <

    "Like a macho man?"

    > More like a very old man <


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    The tale of the red threads 2/2 (end)

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    The tale of the red threads 1/2


  5. 72 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Princess

    Message from: Hot Stuff 
    I’m so proud of you, princess ^^

    Message from: Pudding 
    Lucky for you I’m happy right now so I’m gonna ignore that second part *insert pout*

    Message From: Hot Stuff 
    Why? You look so adorable in that red dress!

    Ring Ring…

    > It’s not a dress, Hyung! <

    "I know, but still you looked so adorably cute, princess

    > Stop calling me that! <

    "Why so mad, baby? I really liked your outfit"

    > Tsk <

    "Especially at the end where you were walking toward the crowd"

    > Which one? <

    "Just a sec…"

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  6. 71 ~ LoVe In The AiR - More

    Message From: Pudding

    So this is why you didn’t want to spend the night with me? *Glare*

    Message From: Pudding

    I hate you!



    > What do you want? <

    You actually”

    > Tsk… your cheesiness won’t work on me this time <

    "And why does my baby hate me?"

    > Because you don’t care about him anymore <

    "Says who?"

    > Your actions <

    "Kyu, baby… don’t be ridiculous"

    > So a facial mask over being with me? huh? <

    "Sweetheart, are you jealous of a facial mask right now?"

    > Dream on! <

    "*Giggle* my ever so adorable sweet muffin"

    > Why didn’t you want us to spend the night together, Wonnie? *pout* <


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  7. I got a korean lollipop!! XD #lollipop #korea #BriocheDorée


  8. 70 ~ LoVe In The AiR - 8th Anniversary

    "Happy 8th anniversary, Wonnie"

    > Thanks babe <

    "You must be so proud"

    > Hm <

    "Eight years is a big deal!"

    > Hm <

    "What’s wrong? Did the cat eat your tongue?"

    > No, it’s just that… <

    "What is it, honey?"

    > *Sigh* I know like today eight years ago we had our first debut after so many hard training days, but still… for me our anniversary would be our first performance with you <

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  9. 69 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Kyu & The Doll

    "Gosh, I’m so tired!"

    Kyuhyun exclaims, body flopping face-first on the bed as he lets out a loud whimper, mostly directed to his lover who’s lying on the bed as well.

    "Is my baby tired? Aaaw you must’ve been working so hard"

    Kyuhyun pouts, although he’s kind of wondering why Siwon is using a childish tone to talk to him.

    "You need to take some rest, sweetheart. Your health is important, right? right?”

    Kyuhyun cocks an eyebrow, growing curious and confused because normally Siwon would be all feely touchy, hugging him and kissing him to will away his weariness. However, this time, his boyfriend doesn’t even move from his place.

    So, peeking from the side, his eyes bulge out when he realizes who Siwon is actually talking to.

    "You got to be kidding me!"

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  10. 68 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Protection

    Message From: Hot Stuff
    This has to stop!

    Message From: Pudding
    O_o ??!!

    Message From: Pudding

    Kyuhyun starts to get anxious since Siwon only sent him that one weird text then stopped answering him. So dialing his boyfriend’s number, he worridely waits for him to pick but Siwon doesn’t so he sends him another message.

    Message From: Pudding

    Pick up!

    However as he dials again, there’s still no response, making him scream in frustration as he starts to wonder what Siwon means by ‘this has to stop’.

    Is he talking about them? Did he just break up with Kyuhyun over a text message?

    Kyuhyun nervously paces in his room where he should be getting ready to leave for his Mama Mia recording, biting on his lower lip with an uneasy heart. He’s tightly clenching on his phone while the tears are brimming in his eyes, not knowing what to do right now.

    Then, his phone suddenly rings and his boyfriend’s ID shows up on the screen. He immediately picks it up and angrily shouts through the phone.

    "What do you mean this has to stop? Is it that easy for you? Are you giving up on me after everything we went through? Do you not love me anymore?"

    A couple of tears broke free and Kyuhyun has to clasp a hand over his mouth to block his sobs. 

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    Choi Family Fanbook Giveaway

    A compilation of all the fics in the series, plus some doodles printed in black and white.

    Before anyone asks, the book isn’t for sale. I only print one for the giveaway and even if you don’t win, you can still download the pdf version, which link will be available along with the announcement of the winner :)

    The rules:

    1. You don’t have to follow me to join the giveaway
    2. I will ship worldwide and you don’t have to pay for anything
    3. Like = 1 point, reblog = 1 point, reblog with your favorite moment in the series = 1 point. If you do all of them, you get 3 chances to win the giveaway
    4. You can join until 6 October 2013, 7 PM (UTC +7)
    5. The winner will be chosen through an online generator and announced on 13 October 2013. Your inbox must be open or you must contact me within a week, or else I’ll choose another winner
    6. Most importantly, if you’re not a WonKyu shipper and/or hate MPREG, there’s absolutely no reason for you to join :)

    Good luck and see you on 1013 day! 

    AKENVJNVAJKBN I have LOTS of favorite moments! Which one to chooose! This is hard… but… hmm…

    Okay, ‘Hey, Baby!’ when Kyuhyun wouldn’t take Siwon back when he found out he was pregnant, but when Siwon was taking him to the hospital to deliver Minho, he started blabbing about how he can’t do it alone and how he loves Siwon and wants him to stay… I cried at that. Then, 'The grandparents' when Papa.Choi finally accepted Kyuhyun and the latter was sooo easily forgiving and didn’t even hold a grudge (which is why Siwon loves him oh so very much). Then, 'Uncle' when Siwon was jealous of Jay and left home then came back when Kyu was sick and he’s the one who kept apologizing making Siwon feel bad >_<.

    Then… Well I better stop here cuz I can go on and on about this fic XD



  12. kyukoii said: Just so you know... that's gif u got up there.... got me staring at each of their faces for at least 2mins... that's a scary amount of time if you really think about it... kekeke... such adorkable expression!!! ^_____^ when are you gonna update missy!!! ~,~

    hahaha Which Gif exactly? Well, doesn’t really matter cuz all of their pictures r hypnotizing that time stops right there and u find yourself staring at them for long! lol

    Update? >_> Well, depends on which story u’re talking about XD


  13. Anonymous said: Hey there. I read your fanfics, and lots of WK's fanfics. And I don't know since when, I'm getting addicted to it. And... somehow, I'm taking the whole WK shipping too seriously. I mean, I'm starting to believe that they are really real couple (i really hope so, actually.) Is it good? Because sometimes I just really can't see Won with other person than Kyu, and so the other way :s

    Hey! ^^

    WonKyu are REAL! No need to feel bad about that haha and as a mainly & an only WonKyu Shipper, I know what you mean about seeing them with other guys/girls >_< 

    Guess we’re so possessive over our OTP! Just like someone is way over possessive over his wifu…

    Let’s keep spreading the WonKyu love! 


  14. 67 ~ LoVe In The AiR - Too Long

    Message From: Hot Stuff
    Stop smirking in your pictures :^(

    Kyuhyun puzzlingly stares at his phone screen because he had just hanged up with his lover a few minutes ago, yet he’s sending him this weird text now.

    Message From: Pudding

    Message From: Hot Stuff
    Just Cuz

    Kyuhyun sighs while rubbing his weary face because he just arrived at the dorms and he’s so tired that he only wants to sleep, yet he’ll have to patiently wait to know what silly thing Siwon is gonna say this time.

    Message From: Pudding
    Wonnie~ I’m tired -_-

    It takes Siwon a few seconds feeling guilty for disturbing his lover when he just landed from a long flight, and when he’s about to reply back, his phone suddenly rings…

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  15. 66 ~ LoVe In The Air - We Got It Bad

    Siwon woke up pretty disturbed this morning since he’s been chatting with Kyuhyun throughout the night and didn’t sleep until early morning. It’s Five hours difference between Hong Kong and Germany, and even when Kyuhyun insisted for him to take a rest, Siwon was persistent. Well, at least Kyuhyun managed to convince him to talk by texts and not make a phone call since it’s very expensive, and Siwon of course argued, but Kyuhyun threatened him saying he won’t talk to him either way if he keeps complaining.

    So that’s why when he woke up this morning, with his manager pushing coffee in his face, he felt grumpy and it was a very unusual sight for the said manager to see a sleepyhead Siwon, since that’s Kyuhyun’s genera, so he took his time making fun of him. However, he felt bad afterwards and blamed it on the maknae of course.


    Arriving at the set, Siwon immediately dressed for the shoot and hence, he couldn’t check up his phone until it wasn’t his scene they were shooting, which was 9am. He started with Twitter of course, checking his notifications and he was very surprised to see that his lovely boyfriend tweeted something.

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